A factory that makes ideas, not things

A showcase of sparks and surprises celebrating human achievement through the power of imagination, wonder and dreams.


Chris Barrat

Human connection specialist

An established speaker and expert in management development skills. his style puts theoretical ideas into the real world. he challenges convention and can open up big thinking. He will help give you the skills to meet new people, make meaningful connections and improve how you communicate.


Karsten Thuen

Shelterbox - international disaster relief

Chairman of ShelterBox DK, an international charitable organization that provides relief to victims of disasters. ShelterBox provides shelter and supplies to communities overwhelmed by disaster. ShelterBox helped over 800,000 people in 57 countries suffering earthquakes, floods, and wars.


AnnMarie Thomas

Inventor of playful technologies

Founder and director of the Playful Learning lab, AnnMarie looks at the playful side of engineering. She teaches the science of circuits, toy design and finds new ways to use imagination to embrace playful learning. Her latest invention is Squishy Circuits, an imaginative new way to play with electricity.



A showcase of sparks and surprises celebrating human achievement through the power of imagination, wonder, and dreams.
A special event designed exclusively for creative thinkers, thinkerers, makers and mind-benders, innovators, inspirators, and those who dare to be different. Where developers, designers, entrepreneurs and inventors meet movers, shakers, mischief-makers and anyone who doesn’t fit into a box.
The Factory of Imagination invites the most unusual creative thinkers from around the world to share inspiration on an industrial scale. The bright minds of tomorrow get a glimpse of genius from the biggest thinkers of today.


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A dash of reality, a drop of wonder, a jolt of electricity, and a sprinkling of fun. In 2016 we go on the search for the formula for imagination. In just the right dosage we concoct the secret recipe.

On Thursday 28 April 2016, we invite you to join us for a mad science experiment that’s beyond imagination, with twice the speakers, twice the guests, twice the companies and twice as much imagination. The Factory of Imagination is in full production.

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Adam Montandon

Adjunkt at EAL
T: +45 71 11 92 55 E-mail: admo@eal.dk

Steffie Limère

Event Manager at EAL
T: +45 42 42 44 91 E-mail: stli@eal.dk