Factory of Imagination

A prototype of a promotional webpage for the next year's Factory of Imagination. Uses all HTML, CSS, PHP and JSON

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Man-Fred Visual Identity

VĂ­sual identity and a prototype of a website we made for a client in one of the school projects. It is a non-working clickable and animated mockup

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A webapp for taking notes utilizing mainly PHP and JSON. Created for one of the school projects

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Sample Web

A simple HTML and CSS website, one of the school homework in the 1st semester

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Cereals Mascot

Mascot made for the cereal box assignment. Each of the mascots is colored using different color scheme.

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Cereal Box

Cereal Box made to fulfill a long-term assignment for the Visualisation classes.

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Cereals Online Form

Website with a form made for the cereal box assignment. The website is partly responsive and with animated background.

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Battle Snail

CSS animation made for the CSS Animation Workshop. Handcoded HTML and CSS with pictures and spritesheets made in Adobe Illustrator.

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First Man on Mars

CSS animation that was made in Adobe Edge Animate to fulfil an assignment for our Interaction class.

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Jablonec Watchtowers

An online presentation of the view from the watchtowers around Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic. The website is currently in czech only.

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My name is Jiri Skalka and I'm a

multimedia design student

I focus my work on

UI design and art

I was born in the Jizera Mountains in the north of the Czech Republic. Ever since I was a child, I lived in the fantastic worlds from all the books I read. I kept this trait, except now it is me who creates these worlds. Worlds so amazing it is a shame others can't visit them too. That's why I want to show these worlds to people. That's why I put so much effort in my work. That's why I understand and try to help people with the same problem.

That's why I do what I do

Here you can find only the work I am the most proud of. If you are interested and want to see more, don't hesitate to visit my blog.


Age 19
Nationality Czech
Residence Denmark
Languages Czech, English, German
Things I like
Music Metal (viking, folk)
Books The Little Prince, The Alchemist, The Hermux Tantamoq Adventures
Films Song of the Sea, Princess Mononoke, The Lord of the Rings
Games Borderlands 2, Heroes of Might and Magic III, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You can find me here:

Or write me an e-mail:

Jiri Skalka

Multimedia Designer

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